Bulkit v2.4.0 – Saas Landing Pages

bulkit saas landing pages

Downlod free bulkit – saas landing pages. Premium Bulkit v2.4.0 – Saas Landing Pages Download free by ThemeBlock.Site. Bulkit is a template for startups and companies that do business outside of software and saas products. It comes with numerous customizable and reusable components that fit as many purpose as possible. These are easy to customize and combine with other elements. Bulkit has such a wonderful element that is vital to any project, such as buttons, forms, models and more. Everything you need to get started with your original website is right there. But please note that bulkit is not a wordpress theme.

Bulma Structure

If you want to try something different than bootstrap design and code, this is the right option. Bulma is a lightweigh and easy to use css framework based on flexbox. It proved to be the first grid of mobile to be extremely flexible and perfect for mobile devices. On top of that, you have lots of responsive modifiers and mixins available locally.

Premium Goodies

Bulkit from the mind set of icons has been shipped with Instaudio’s great video uploader and over 2000 icons. You’re saving over $ 60-$ 80.

Themeing Ability

Bulkit styles are written in a single minified CSS core file with output scales. You can easily use one of the existing themes or create a new one from scratch really quietly. To apply a fully functional color scheme to all the components, you only need to partially import of your theme into your body.

Modular Core

The structure of the Bulkit Source files follows a modular pattern. There are layout partitions (which are part of the body), component partitions and extension partitions. You just import the required components into your original file.

Start Felling Good

Bulkit features 56 website demo pages, 45 component pages, and a free dashboard for each bulk purchase. All HTML pages have been split into separate kits for more convenient use.

Responsive Design

Bulkit is based on Flexbox, which is locally suited for mobiles and tablets. Create fully responsive layout in a breeze.


Demo:  https://1.envato.market/6Lemr

Download:  https://www.mediafire.com/file/nr82iqnpy3lll37/bulkithtml.rar/file

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