Creta v4.6 – Flower Shop WooCommerce WordPress Theme

creta wordpress theme

Download Free WordPress Theme by ThemeBlock. Creta v4.6 – Flower Shop WooCommerce  WordPress Theme. Creta Full WordPress theme best in class features as well as powerful extensions .

Full WordPress Theme / Floral WordPress Template: 

Creta is a responsive wordpress / woocommerce template designed for selling flowers, exotic flowers, bouquets and other related products in a nursery, flower shop, shop and business. It has a suite of best in class features as well as powerfull extensions that are offered for free . It is a speed and SEO- Optimized flower wordpress / woocommerce template.

Theme Full Features

Creta flower shop store is a responsive woocommerce theme which is fully customizable and suitable for any kind of woocommerce store on any device.

100% Responsive

This woocommerce theme is designed to be responsive and renders optimally on all mobile device. And its tested rigorously for a seamlessly desktop and mobile user experience.

Fully Customizable

The  beauty of this premium woocommerce theme is that you can customize the header, footer, color, fonts and a lot more in our theme option panel in a matter of minutes.

SEO Optimized

We have designed this responsive woocommerce theme to be SEO – friendly all google  webmaster recommendations have been followed and tested to ensure robust search ranking.

Speed Teated

Research show that a fast website converts more & this woocommerce theme is designed with speed in mind in the way the HTML is written, the code is optimized and a lot more.

Font Galore!

This theme comes with full support for 600+ google fonts so you can choose from a wide range of fonts as you customize this multipurpose theme for your store & audience.

Sticky Headers

Enable sticky header to keep navigation your woocommerce store a one click affir for your buyers. It also helps increasps the time spent on your site which directly drivers conversion.

Powered by Bootstrap3

This woocommerce template is based on bootstrap3 which ensures its optimized fast and works well as you customize and update the theme.

Smart Search

We have added an enhanced search into this theme that allows you to customize the search experience for your buyers an important UX aspect for driving engaement & conversion.

Multi Lingual

Go global with our multi lingual support a flexible option to create a version of your store for buyers in different countries that you sell to.

Fanatic Support

We take customer success very seriously and work with all our customers to ensure the woocommerce theme is installed correctly and optimized for your specific goals.

Docs You’ll Love

We create installation and help documentation so its easy crisp and super fast so you can download and go live with your theme in the fastest way possible.



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